Hairstyles for Young Girls

Here is a ‘do for folks requesting hairstyles for young girls!

This style doubles as both a braided Mohawk and a pompadour hairstyle, depending on how you wear it!

Be on the lookout for many, many hair tutorials and much more coming very soon!

One style, two completely different looks!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

Products used:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

A happy camper!

If you’ve been following the site for a while, you know how much my little sister LOVES Mohawks hairstyles and pompadours!

The last Mohawk hairstyle I did was the purple, feathered, twisted, & cornrowed one I did this past June, so I had A LOT to live up to!


Step One
Part the hair into three sections, two sides and middle part

This picture above shows how much of a section that I cornrowed to her scalp.

Her stretched hair got a little wet (see the curls popping up all over???) while she was playing outside, but I decided to go ahead and style anyway.

The middle part is reserved for lots and lots of chunky monkey two strand twists!

If you don’t like hair twists, try rope twists or box braids instead!

Step Two
I began the cornrowing, making six cornrows go down towards the back/nape area

Take note of which direction I have each cornrow lay!

Once I ran out of room to cornrow, I added a bright pink rubber band, then switched to twisting.

Again, the twists are optional, you can continue to braid if you want and have loose braids where I had twists. I like the twists because they add a fullness that braids just can’t.

Step Three
I added a two crossing cornrows which formed a single “X”

I did this to add a little extra WOW to this Mohawk.

My parts are a little sloppy *hangs head in shame*, but I’m sure you’ll do better than that!

Step Four
I finished up the left side

Lastly, I finished up with three simple straight cornrows.

And that’s it! That side was all finished!

The only thing left to do was to repeat on the other side and then to do lots and lots of two strand twists down her back.

Easy and cute!

More Pictures!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this this hair tutorail!

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Thank you so much for reading!!

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