Hairstyles For Curly Hair, Featured Curlies, & More!

Hairstyles For Curly Hair, Featured Curlies, & More!

Listed below are all the little natural kiddos that have been featured on the website. Enjoy 😀

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Hairstyles For Curly Hair:

What is your childs hair care routine like?

I try to keep it somewhat the same, but it doesn’t always work out that way- especially during the summer. But for the most part… Each morning, I moisturize C’s hair by dampening it with our spray bottle mixture of bottled water, a little conditioner and a few drops of hair oil. I don’t have one set product- right now I’m using Organix conditioner and either Organix Moraccan Argan Oil or Africa’s Best.

What I do next depends on what’s going on with C’s hair at the time. If she has a style in, I just mist her hair and add some moisturizing product to her ends. If she has her hair down, I wet her hair, add lots of extra moisture and a curl defining product. Taliah Waajid is what I’m using now. I try to keep the detangling light. I always go through and finger detangle first, then I use a wide tooth comb and if I need to, I’ll use our Curl Tamer brush after that.

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What is your child’s hair care routine like?

I wash her hair every two to three weeks, depending on the style.

She has eczema and excessive washing dries her hairstyles for curly hair even more and can cause her eczema to flare. She wears a silk bonnet at night for bedtime. Her hair needs a lot of moisture. So I make sure to moisturize her hair and scalp from root to tip every other day depending on the style.

What kind of hair products do you use?

We only use Natural and Organic hair products because of her Eczema. We currently are in love with BeeMine Hair Products. Her hair takes to these products so well.

Any hair pet peeves we should know about?

Frizz! We do not like frizz.

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Tell us a little about your little one!

Well… Keyanna was born premature (with almost no hair!) After spending a few weeks in the NICU she finally got to come home with mommy. She is now 6 years old and going into first grade. She loves gymnastics, dance, basketball and wants to be a rockstar when she grows up!

Family favorite activities/hobbies/interests?

Keyanna and I love shopping! We love the beach, bike riding, and of course I love cheering for my baby at all of her gymnastics meets!

What is your child’s hair care routine like?

I shampoo her hair once a week, and condition every 2 days (if not styled), if styled I spray her hair with a conditioner/water mix.

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What is your child’s hair care routine like?

Where to begin LOL

Diva R has a very simple routine and currently it consists of her hair being washed 2-3 times a week on average depending on the different types of hairstyles for curly hair in between. I usually wash her hair at night time unless otherwise needed beforehand. When I wash her hair I use both a shampoo and a rinse out conditioner following. I then use EITHER a leave in conditioner or a moisturizer and sometimes I French braid her hair, single braid it or pony tail it before she goes to bed (if it is not styled) so that her hair doesn’t end up a knotted mess in the morning and other times I will leave it freely hanging.

I ALWAYS put her satin sleep bonnet on and/or incorporate her satin pillow case (depending on current style) to protect her hair the best I can while she sleeps. Even though I put a bonnet on her hair if it is not French braided or something like that her hair ALWAYS ends up with at least a few knots… Somehow…

So the morning time is when I take her bonnet off and start preparing for how she is going to wear her hair. Most hairstyles for curly hair, if not all, only last a few days in her hair regardless of everything. Because of this I try not to be intricate with every style I do. The first thing I do in the morning is spritz our distilled water on her hair generously, which helps to reactivate the already in place moisturizer or leave in from the night before.

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Tell us a little about your little one!

Well Miss Amiah is five and is 100% DIVA!!!

Family favorite activities/hobbies/interests?

She plays soccer and loves Barbie’s and has just started doing hair (mine that is)LOL. She does an awesome job for a five year old.

What is your child’s hair care routine like?

We wash her hair about every 10 days. We co-wash every three days. We use moisturizer daily her hair loves it. She goes to sleep with a satin bonnet on (I’m pretty sure it doesn’t come off on its own lol).

She has just began to LIKE getting her hair done because I have been learning a lot of new hairstyles for curly hair and how to do them and she gets compliments which she loves.

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My name is Stacey and I am Mom to Azariyah. I loved these little interviews and didn’t see any boys (maybe I missed them) so I thought I’d offer my little SuperDude. Love the site!

Tell us a little about your little one!

Azariyah is a 2 year old boy with tons of energy. He was born in Atlanta but has a little country soul. He loves food, dirt, animals, dirt, rocks, dirt, and sand. 🙂

Family favorite activities/hobbies/interests?

Azariyah loves wrestling with his brother, going to the park, swimming in the lake, and playing with his cousins. He loves to watch his brother play baseball and can’t wait until he’s old enough to play. He loves to color and pretending to read.

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