Kiddy Hairstyles for Black Hair

One of the coolest twist hairstyles for black hair, I did this hairstyle because I wanted something with lots of color.

I’ve done a million African American kids hairstyles, but I will remember this hair style for the rest of my life, I promise you!

While I was braiding and twisting Bunny’s hair, she sat there watching Monsters Vs. Aliens and smacked her gum so loudly!

She sounded like a cow pulling its leg out of the mud. *Shutters* Yes, I will forever remember this hairstyle. Lol, I hope you guys love it!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

If you’ll excuse me, I just wanna brag on for a second. All the beads and rubber bands I used came from that company and they’re the only hair accessories I use. I have NEVER found ANY damage from the beads and rubber bands that we get from this lady.

I do not know where she buys them from or if you makes them or what, but they’re always the brightest, prettiest hair stuff around! Check out the website here: CurlyisCuter! And tell her who sent you 😀

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Let it be known right here and now that I am not crazy about the fact rubber bands are at the roots of her hair, so this style definitely won’t stay in that long.

I actually really wanted to do a fishnet design with the rubber bands, where they all linked together and what not but I was really worried about that idea (I even slept on) because I didn’t want to mess up her hair line. Either way, I like this way too so it’s all good.

The sun was in her eyes

This is a super easy hair style. I parted from ear to ear and tucked the back out of the way so I could work some magic in the front. I began by doing a side part, then cornrowing on a slant for the cornrows to lie like that.

It’s super easy and looks a bit prettier than the regular cornrows that go straight back 🙂

For the back part I simply parted out medium sized squares and rope twisted the sections all the way to the end. Bunny picked out the beads and I added those at the very end.

Well, there you have it! I can’t wait to do a twist out with these twists. The last time I did rope twists instead of two strand twists was when Bunny’s hair was about shoulder length so I can’t wait to see how it’ll look now!

Thanks for reading!

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