Sexy Hairstyles for African American Women

Sexy Hairstyles for African American women that won’t ever die!

Comedian Chris Rock speaks about the African-American hair culture, the various styles and techniques of doing African-American hair in his affable documentary, “Good Hair”.

This famous comedian wanted to take an honest look at the way African-Americans view themselves through their hairstyles. In the following information, we will discuss the ultimate, sexy hairstyles for African-American women that will never die.

Sexy Hairstyles for African American Women!

There are many classic, sexy hairstyles worn by African-American women. These styles are typically, by reason of fashion and manageability. Here is a list of basic, but beautiful styles for African-American women.
First things first, it’s important to discuss the difference between relaxed and natural hair. Relaxed hair is hair that has been chemically straightened, while natural hair is simply that, natural.

Keeping that in mind, we’ll discuss a hairstyle that can be worn by women with both relaxed and natural and virtually everything, in between, too.

  • The Bob

  • – This classic hairstyle is basically, a short, straight-cut that is typically, between the ears and shoulders. This lovely hairstyle can be worn with a side part, a middle part or no part at all. This style is versatile, which allows it to be worn straight or curly for a variety of different looks. This style can be transformed into an updo or worn down. The bob also looks good on most face shapes, and is customizable according to individual style.

  • The “Halle Berry”
  • – This short, relaxed style is still very popular among African-American women. The actress, Halle Berry was likely, the first one to make this style popular — hence, the name. This style features tapered sides that are gradually longer closer to the crown. The longest length in this hairstyle (on the crown) can be from one to four inches, making this simple cut, even more versatile as it grows out. This style can be worn curly for a sexy, feminine look or slicked back for a more sophisticated look.

    Long hairstyles for African-American women offer just as many options, as the short hairstyles — if not more. Long hair can be worn down, in a classic ponytail, or styled into a sexy updo (example: French twist). Women who leave their hair natural can stray away from braids and choose elegant styles. The two-strand twist style is a great example of a beautiful long hairstyle for African-American women.

  • The Two-Strand Twists
  • – This style works well for hair and extensions. This hairstyle is basically two strands of hair, twisted around each other (similar to a braid, but with only two strands). The result: fuller braids. This style doesn’t just work for long hair, it can work with short hair, too (as short as 2″).

  • Braids

  • – Braids are a classic African-American hairstyle that is easy to wear and maintain, especially with extensions. With this style, the wearer doesn’t have to style her hair. They’re also versatile because they can be pulled back, worn loose, twisted or braided together.

  • Cornrows
  • – Cornrows are an easy modification to braids with the top portion Dutch-braided at the scalp. This classic hairstyle can be braided straight, parted down the scalp, down to the nape of the neck or feature creative designs. While this style is incredibly versatile, it cannot be altered very much on a daily basis.

  • The Afro
  • – The afro is a classic, natural hairstyle that remains popular among African-American women. This style for natural hair is simple, un-straightened hair is just loose around the head. The afro can be virtually any length; you can manage from half an inch and longer. There are many different hairstyles that can be combined to give the afro a different or updated look including, weaving cornrows at the crown and leaving the afro for the rest of the style is a popular design.

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