Step By Step Hair Tutorial for Straightening Hair

As requested, our hair tutorial for straightening natural hair! 

I’m all for rocking your natural curly hair but I do love to change it up a bit by straightening.

Here on this post I’ll show you how we manage to get even the thickest, coarsest natural hair to lie flat and maintain body and shine! 

I hope you find this post helpful!

Love it!

For stretching the hair you’ll need:

For straightening the hair you’ll need:

  • Hair straightener (Bio Ionic One Pass Nano Ceramic Flat Iron)
  • Hair clips
  • Rat tail comb

Two examples of stretching!

Step One – Stretch Those Curlies!!

Your results will be most satisfying if you get your hair fairly straight before you ever pick up a heat styling tool!

Natural hair tends to shrink a lot when it’s wet, so stretching or blow drying first is key! I used the following products but feel free to use whatever works best for you!

Starting with clean, detangled hair, use any of the following methods to stretch your curls out a bit!

Post Flat Ironing:

Step Two – Remove bands, section hair, and lay your tools out!!

DON’T add more products before straighten! If you do, you run the risk of weighting down your hair or, worse, frying it!

The shampoo cleansed, the conditioner conditioned your hair, the moisturizer moisturized it, and the oil sealed all the goodness in and acts as a heat protector. If you want to add a heat protector on top in addition to the oil, that’s fine, but don’t overload your hair with product!

Also, I like to section the hair into six or eight sections before I begin so it’s easier to keep track of which sections have been finished and which ones still need attention.

Of course, make sure you have every thing you need: hair straightener, hair clips to keep things neat, rat tail comb for parting, and wide tooth comb for detangling.

Step Tree – Begin the actual straightening!!

I like to take my time and slowly pass the straightener down the length of hair one to two times, max, instead of running it hurriedly through four or five times.

I part off thin sections and clip the rest of the hair out of the way. I run a rat tail comb through the already detangled section of hair, set the comb aside, and then s l o w l y straighten that section.

WILDLY IMPORTANT TIP! Under no circumstance will I EVER comb a section of hair that has been straightened and is still hot. Once it’s been straightened, leave it alone. Combing/handling it will only make it frizz and puff. Wait until your hair is cold again before handling it again.

And that’s it!

I slowly straighten the whole head and then leave the hair alone until it is no longer hot!

Hopefully this hair tutorial helps!

Lady GaGa hair bow on straightened hair

Braid out on straightened hair

Do you straighten your hair? Did this post answer all our questions? Leave questions and comments below!!

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