Hair Styles for Thick Curly Hair

Hair styles for thick curly hair anyone?

I would describe it as a cornrow design, braided Mohawk hairstyle that I’ve ever done but it turned out nicely and I absolutely love it!

I needed something that looked cute and fancy for a friend’s graduation, so I just started braiding and twisting and here’s the end result.

I hope you like it as much as we do!

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Skill level required: Advanced

Time I spent doing this: Two & and a half hours (Yeah that’s about an hour more than I usually spend, but I just had too much time on my hands)

You’ll Need:


Begin by parting the hair from the top of the head to the nape of the neck and clipping one side out of the way for now.

It really doesn’t matter which side you start on. For the basket cornrow look, you need to do the cornrows on a slant and skip every other one as pictured above.

It’s really not hard. Remember, the smaller the sections you braid, the neater the basket.

I love two strand twists. Her hair stays almost tangle free and moisturized for days when it’s in twists, so I do some twists almost every hairstyle, including this one.

When you run out of room to cornrow, smooth the hair together and do as many black hair twist (rope twists, two strand, three strand, etc) braids with the loose hair as you want to.

I can use rubber bands like I usually do for braided Mohawks, but if you can get away without them, don’t use them. Do this whenever possible. Your hair will thank you.


Okay now go back and do the missed cornrows but do them slanting the opposite way. It’s really simple and you’ll get it just by looking at the picture. Take your time and use hair clips to keep everything neat and sectioned.


Now repeat the pattern on the other side of the head.

By now you’ve pretty much got the hang of it. Try to make the same amount of cornrows on both sides if at all possible.

Once I was done with the cornrows and twists, I took a small section of braids and ponytailed it.

Then I gathered another row and ponytailed that and so on until I’d done this four times.

I left two cornrows out in the front and the very back and added beads to it but this is optional.

As long as the style looks cute, you did it correctly! And I will definitely try to do more hair styles for thick curly hair in the future!

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