Hair Styles For Natural Curly Hair

I think that the best hair styles for natural curly hair are the ones that are two in one.

The kind that you can wear braided, then a braid or twist out a few days later.

Natural hair is very fragile so less is more.

So the less you manipulate your hair the better.

This is actually an accident style, as I like to call them.

It started off with this style. I wasn’t feeling too well the day that I did the style, so it didn’t come out as neatly as I wanted it to.

hairstyles for natural curly hair

I just realized that I missed one twist in the very front lol!

Either way, we kept it in for a few days. I recently was asked by the Ouidad hair company to do a product review of their moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and wanted to try it out on her hair.

However, when Bunny saw what her hair looked like with the twist out on one side, she begged me to keep it. So yeah, this is her style for the week! Ouidad product review coming soon!

hairstyles for natural curly hair

I’m a firm believer in allowing people to express who they are (kids and adults alike), so even though the hairstyle wasn’t something that I had in mind, I really like it because it shows off my younger sister’s personality.

I think we’ll be doing this more often actually.

hairstyles for natural curly hair

TIP! Only remove twists when they’re dry or they’ll shrink the first chance they get.

hairstyles for natural curly hair

Making her coaches proud

I find that twist outs work better than braid outs on her hair. I used to think her hair type was 4A, but I’m starting to believe that it’s falling more into the 4B group. For more on hair types: go here.

Summary: What I’m trying to say is that hairstyles don’t always turn out the way you expect them to and that’s perfectly okay because the person under the hair is SOOO much more important. And if they’re happy, that’s really good enough. Happy Hair Doing!

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