Hair Guest Posts – Share yours, we love ’em!

I’m very excited to announce that we are now accepting hair guest posts!

I want this website to be amazing and what makes it’s amazing is you!

Please share your hair tips, hair care advice, hair trumps, hair fears, and much, much more!

Hair Guest Posts:

Bunny, I, & ALL of the fans, followers, subscribers, and likers wanna hear from YOU!!!


Here’s a couple of guest posting topics, but anything hair related will be reviewed:

Guest Bloggers– is now accepting and welcoming posts from guest bloggers. Please be sure to first submit a proposal of what you plan to write about. If it’s a re-post from your blog (which is totally cool), send along the article, a link to your blog, and a pic of yourself. Upon posting, you should experience a pretty good flow of new traffic! SUBMIT ALL GUEST POST IDEAS TO NATURALHAIRCAREINFO @ GMAIL (DOT) COM!

Hair Tutorials – is now accepting and welcoming posts from guest post how tos. Know a really great hair style for short hair, long hair or transitioning hair? Or, maybe you have a great DIY item or homemade recipe or remedy! Send me a bulleted picture tutorial or a YouTube video of your fabulous style, project or recipe for posting! SUBMIT ALL TUTORIAL IDEAS TO NATURALHAIRCAREINFO @ GMAIL (DOT) COM!

Featured Naturals– Being natural isn’t always fun. We wanna hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of your journey to embracing the curls! Or maybe you’ve been natural for a lifetime and you wanna share what that’s like. It’s all welcome! CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT THIS TOPIC!

Little Curlies– This is just like being featured, but it’s just for the little naturals – ages twelve and under. CAUTION! I highly recommend that you use a nickname for your child during the posts. This is the internet and we really need to be looking out for the little ones! CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT THIS TOPIC!

♥ Keep in mind that NHCI has a very wide age range of readers, so all pictures, posts, etc. will have to be rated G and I have the right to not post anything that I feel is inappropriate or discriminating.

Thanks for checking out this page: Hair Guest Posts!

We greatly appreciate all the continued support!


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