Hair Beads

Hair beads, ribbons, and bows are often added to little girls’ braids and hairstyles to make them seem cuter.

Here I’ll show you some different ways you can put them in your little ones hair, as well as some overall tips on accessorizing.

Of course, these are just a few of MY favorite ways.

Don’t let that limit you to what you do though!


One of the few fully beaded hairstyles that I did this year.

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I almost never add beads into Bunny’s hair. I do use a lot of ouchless ponytail holders, and occasionally a headband or some rubber bands.

Only about once a month will you find something shiny in her hair.


Because anything placed on the ends of her hair break her hair really badly after just two or three days.

This means I’d have to remove each and every one every night then add it back in the morning. Something neither one of us wants to do.

Plus they hit her in the face in gymnastics or get ripped out when she’s rough housing with siblings.


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All that said, I will add beads into her hair halfway through cornrows so they’re lying against her head.

This adds color without having to be removed nightly.


Bunny’s Hippy ‘do

I once did a braided ponytail hairstyle with a hippy (that’s what my sister kept calling it) beaded halo across her forehead.

I thought it was cute but she only liked it for a matter of hours because she said the halo tickled her.


”Side bangs”

When I do add in beads, a good chunk of those times I’ll add a few braids as side bangs and put the beads on just those, pulling the rest of the cornrows back into a ponytail or updo.


Pretty yet simple.

Here is an example of a cute hairdo that I didn’t add anything but a ponytail holder to.

It looks cute, yet it’s pretty much a protective hairstyle and can be changed around several times before removal.

A couple tips for using hair beads is to remove them before bedtime, of course, check hair beads before adding them in to make sure they don’t have any sharp edges, and not to add too many at a time.

A single braid does not need fifteen beads.

Beads are cool, sure, but there are other ways to spice up a hairdo.

Use common sense and wash, condition, and moisturize the hair before starting.

Detangled hair is best because beads can get caught in knots and become difficult to remove.

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