Goddess Braids: How to do them and Gallery

Goddess braids are great for special occasions or for anyone who likes a fancy updo.

These braids usually involve large cornrows twisted up into a bun or knot, often adorned with smaller cornrows.

Other times the style is large cornrows in a cornrow pattern.

The only drawbacks to this hair style is that it’s not suited for children per se and that the cornrows can get a bit heavy.


Ciara proudly wearing her awesome Goddless braids

To do Goddess Braids You’ll Need:


STEP 1 – Washing hair with a good shampoo and conditioner

Here is my complete Washing guide that you will need to do before doing your goddess braids:

To get the Shampoo and Conditioner: http://amzn.to/1uX3osQ –  I strongly recommend it and use in my saloon every day.

This shampoo is Paraben free, Vegan and Color safe. a must for a good shampoo!

STEP 2. Conditioning and Detangling Natural Hair before you start your Goddess Braids

Here you will need the following:

Hair moisturizer

Wide tooth comb

Rat-tail comb

An important note for combs: Use a a WIDE-tooth comb to detangle the hair first. You will ruin your hair if it not wide.

I recommend Original Sprout Leave-in Conditioner

Wide tooth comb before detangling hair before doing goddess braids

 Step 3.  

Final preperations when doing Goddess Braids

More often or not you will also be needing this:

  • Extensions – I like Kanekalon Jumbo braids and they are cheap as well
  • Boiling water or hair gel (to finish ends) Here i recommend using Ecoco Style gel that is made from 100% pure olive oil.

To successfully master this hairstyle, you must already know how to do cornrows and add-in extensions. If you don’t go watch those tutorials first.

Step 4.

Visualizing the kind of goddess Braid you want to end up with.

To begin, have an idea for your finished style. This can be in your head or on paper.

Separate an extension the size you want the braid to be and start cornrowing it into the hair like this:

Step 5.

How to style the Goddess Braid step by step

Again I recommend followings products which you will need.

  • First you will want to map your hair parts that you want to make into braids. This will help you to get a better overview of how the final Braids will look.
  • Next you will have to take the first area of your extensions and determine how big you want that braid to be when it fully braided.
  • Move on to separating the chunk from above step into 2 more sections and keep one of them double size compared to the other one.
  • Now you will  have to loop a smaller area of hair across the bigger section and thus creating 3 equal size sections
  • Its important that you work within the same area of hair that you have already separated from the braid. Now take the extension hair at the hairline and insert it in the center of the parted area of hair.
  • Next step is to braid the hair back like a normal cornrow braid but be sure to mix your own hair with the synthetic hair as evenly as you can. This is vital for the final look.
  • You will want to add more extensions as you continue building your braid in order to make it longer and well braided.
  • At the end of your Goddess braids you will want to get some scissors (of good quality) and then trim any unnecessary flyaway hair.
  • Finally make sure to close the ends with hotwater . I recommend using water very hot water and make sure you don’t burn your fingers or neck when you do this!
  • To style the rest of your braids use the gel i recommended above to rearrange any ends that doesn’t look good. You will want somebody else to possibly help you with this last touch.
  • Optionally: You can make a good gel with Peanut and jojoba as they are great choices because they’re very light. For best results, cover hair at night.


What I love about this style is that it’s very different than a lot of the other cornrows braids and updo hairstyles that you typically see!

Be very careful that you watch those edges! Super thick, chunky braids can cause serious breakage if you’re careful!


The History of Goddess Braids

There has never been another culture in history that has ever created and worn such glamorous head adornments as Africans.  This art of braiding hair is as ancient as King Tut himself, evidence of it’s origins dating back to ancient Egypt. This craft has been handed down from generation to generation in Africa and every country in the world where people of color thrive. Braids were used in West Africa as a tools to distinguish one’s age, social status, or village association.  Various ceremonies such as weddings, called for highly sophisticated and intricate braids.  Braiding has not always been an artform.  It was a time for bonding with the our loved ones.  Grandmother to daughter, mother to child; braiding was a time to connect with one another.  An simple expression of love through braiding.

Goddess braids were a style that dominated the 90’s and now has evolved into style that includes jumbo plaits, updos, eye-catching colors, and much more.


The Benefits of Goddess Braids

Protection Against Environmental Elements

Goddess Braids provide much more than just a jazzy style.  It provide much needed protection against harsh environmental elements.  Goddess Braids are a style that both safeguards the hair and refines your overall look.  They are also more formally classified by experts as a “protective style.


Maintains and Promotes Overall Health of Hair

Protective styling has the benefits of simultaneously maintaining and promoting the overall health of the hair.  It gives hair a much needed break from everyday styling and manipulation.  This reduces the adverse effects of the wear and tear hair undergoes in the styling process.

Goddess Braids encompass everything protective styles can offer.  Styles that include buns, twists, and/or braids all provide the protection needed to grow longer and stronger hair.

Retains Moisture to Soften Hair

The routine of spritzing your Goddess Braids with natural oils permits hair to retain much needed moisture and nourishment.  Hair that has been well moisturized is more elastic and is less likely to break which enables growth retention.


Allows Hair to Rest

African American hair typically grows at a faster rate when left alone, and that is just what Goddess Braids does.  It allows the wearer the opportunity to allow hair to rest and grow.  Because of factors like clothing, car seats, cotton pillowcases, and a variety of other fabrics hair may come into contact with in everyday life, Goddess Braids are a style that gives hair an extra dimension of protection by preventing breakage caused by the previously mentioned factors.  Preventing breakage further strengthens hair and over time those who wear protective styles like Goddess Braids see hair grow healthier, longer, and stronger.


Time Saving

Goddess Braids are a time saver for women who are on the go, busy with the demands of work, family life, etc.  Spritzing Goddess Braids with natural oils and tying the hair down at night saves at least 30 minutes to an hour of time in the morning.


Goddess Braids are one of the most versatile styles, granting those who love to wear them many styling options to choose from.


Goddess Braids can be worn:

  • In updos such as ponytails and buns
  • Down with flirty tendrils
  • As a crown
  • As individual oversized braids


Continue reading for a more in-depth look into the variations of Goddess Braids styles.

Variations of Goddess Braids

This is the aspect that many love about Goddess braids.  With a plethora of variations, it gives individuals the versatility they want and need.  Goddess braids can be worn with or without weave.  Weave is usually added to supplement a lack of volume.  Let your imagination take wind by adding color or adornments of gems or flowers.


Goddess Braids are great for any occasion including (but not limited to):


The Workplace

goddess braids in the workspace woman in suit with goddess braids another example of a classy goddess braid

Whether you punch a clock in a factory or exact your power in a boardroom, Goddess Braids are great for the workplace.  Styles such as the ones pictured above are savvy and professional.

Weddings or Other Formal Occasions

a woman with goddess braids at a wedding formal goddess braids for any event beautiful and stylish braids with flower

No matter if you are a bride, part of a wedding party, or attending another formal occasion, Goddess Braids radiate elegance, style, delicate beauty, and grace.  More and more have I seen brides-to-be requesting whimsical Goddess Braids for their very special day.

Funky or Tribal

Everyone loves a little funk in their style every now and then.  Goddess Braids can be rocked to reflect the gorgeous rebel inside.  Adding splashes of bright colors, or the shaving of the sides can give the air of styling freedom and self-expression.

 a funky style of braids with perls dread goddess braids stylish braids with colors and small details

Around the Way

Do you need to run some errands or make a quick run to the store, but don’t want to sacrifice your style or fabulosity?  The versatility of Goddess Braids allow wearers the option of choosing styles that look fantastic anytime!

goddess braids that are easy to maintain but look amazing

Fabulous Updos for Any Occasion

great styles of braids for any time or event

The updos depicted above and below are only a taste of the many options one has when wearing Goddess Braids.  These styles are great for going straight from the office to 5 o’clock cocktail hour.  No matter which you choose, you’ll be prepared for any occasion that may be thrown into your schedule.

Drinks with The Girls

We as women love to get together to have a few drinks and fellowship.  But most importantly, we want to look good while doing so.  Goddess Braids can be a quick styling option to meet up with your girls at your favorite spot.  Be sure that your female counterparts will not be the only ones to admire your beauty.

amazing goddess styles for drinks with your girls

Goddess Braid Styles for Kids

It is always a perk for any mom to have their little diva looking great without having to style their hair everyday.  Goddess Braid styles for children give their hair the health, style, and maintainance their young locks sorely need.

cool looking goodess braids for african american kids

Your little princess will glow with Goddess Braid styles accessorized with flowers and beads.  They are also a popular hair style for many flower girls in weddings.  They are wonderful for your busy little bee whether they are attending preschool or “big girl” school.

Adding Accessories

Wearing Goddess Braids with accessories like flowers, beads, or other hair ornaments add an extra flare of style to your already fabulous hairdo!  Don’t be afraid to explore other options to take your Goddess Braids from ordinary to extraordinary.

hair accessories such as flowers and beads in a goddess hairstyle for kids

Famous People Fabulously Rocking Goddess Braids

Of late, more celebrities are choosing Goddess Braids as a style of choice for not only red carpet events, but for their daily styles as well.  From long and sassy to sleek and chic, Goddess Braids are definitely setting a style standard in Hollywood.

rihanna wearing her goddess braids with pride

Rihanna’s fiery red Goddess Braids are simply hot!

Queen Bee has been setting style trends for years and she wears her Goddess Braids in styles that make her look like a golden Athenian goddess.

Beyonce wearing the famous Queen Bee braiding hairstyle

Jada Pinkett never has a hair out of place, and her Goddess Braids are no different.  She looks regal and Hollywood event ready!

Jada Pinkett Goddess Braids style on the red carpet in Hollywood

Ciara is rocking a sexy, long, and beautiful set of Goddess Braids!  Perfectly complimenting her style and allure.

Ciara with her beautiful set of goddess braids in action

Doning Goddess Braids give off a very chic, fun, and flirty air and with little to no effort. They provide health, versatility, and beauty in one powerful punch.  Truly fit for the Goddess in you!

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