Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are great for special occasions or for anyone who likes a fancy updo.

These braids usually involve large cornrows twisted up into a bun or knot, often adorned with smaller cornrows.

Other times the style is large cornrows in a cornrow pattern.

The only drawbacks to this hair style is that it's not suited for children per se and that the cornrows can get a bit heavy.

Ciara proudly wearing her braids

You’ll Need:


To successfully master a this hairstyle, you must already know how to do cornrows and add-in extensions.

To begin, have an idea for your finished style. This can be in your head or on paper.

Separate an extension the size you want the braid to be and start cornrowing it into the hair.

Once finished, style the braids in your choice of bun or updo if desired, remembering to lightly spray your braids with a light oil.

Peanut and jojoba are great choices because they’re very light. For best results, cover hair at night.

What I love about this style is that it's very different than a lot of the other cornrows braids and updo hairstyles that you typically see!

Be very careful that you watch those edges! Super thick, chunky braids can cause serious breakage if you're careful!

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