Girl Black Hair Updo

I did this girly girl black hair style (that’s what she named it) because I really needed a hair style that pulled my little sister’s long, thick hair UP off of her shoulders and out of her eyes because she does gymnastics several times a week.

She loves wearing her hair out but often she can’t because she’s in the gym working out and I think it’s really starting to bother her so I’ve been trying to get creative with flowers and ribbons.

On the one hand she misses playing with her hair, but on the other hand, with her hair all tucked away, it’s really been thriving!


For braiding the hair you’ll need:


As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.


To begin, part a two inch section in the front going straight back. Whenever I split hair into three sections, I start cornrowing by habit even though I intended to do a French braid.

The last thing to do is two smaller braided headbands on the sides. This was just a quick ‘do but you could really get creative if you wanted to. It’s completely up to you.

At the very end she decided she wanted to do Curlformers instead of a twist out so I threw some of those onto her dampened ponytail and called it a night. Tomorrow she will wear curly updo!

Another option is to add beads to the ends of the braids if you wanted to.

Don’t forget to “love!” the style right here!

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