Gel Twists

Gel twists are a good transitioning hairstyle because they can be done on BC hair.

Or on long hair; the length of the hair doesn’t matter.


Do not brush or comb once you’re finished, because combing will make your hair frizz. Using your fingers, pull apart curls and move them to where you want them instead.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jehaan

Difficulty: Beginner

You’ll Need

To begin this style, thoroughly wash hair to remove any oils and dirt that’ll make the curls less defined.

Starting with clean hair also insures your twists will last longer.

Now that your hair is clean, take a generous amount of hair gel and work it into your hair.

Take your time picking your hair gel. Gels with a tighter hold give better curls but may leave your hair feeling crunchy. However, the lighter gels won’t be able to hold your curls.

Part the hair or go for a natural look by selecting the hair at random, whichever you prefer. I prefer parting the hair, but what works for you works for you. Two-strand twist each section.

Remember, the tighter the twist, the more define, tighter the curl will be. The smaller the section of hair that you twist, the more curls you will have, which can become quite time consuming.

You can air dry or blow dry, but sit under a dryer if this choice is available to you.

Only take out the twists once your hair is fully dry. Otherwise there’s a good chance the curls won’t come out properly and you’ll have wasted all your time.

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