Frohawk Tutorial

The frohawk look is the new thing for me.

I love the look of someone embracing their natural hair and I love braided Mohawks, so it’s the best of both worlds!

That plus the fact that curly hair is always in fashion!

But, of course, straight hair would cute with this hair style too!

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Side View

What You’ll Need:

For this frohawk hairstyle, I started by parting her hair into three sections, all of them going straight back, the thickest one being the middle one. After that it’s quite simple.

I wasn’t too worried about how straight the parts were because they’re covered so don’t break your back worrying about them.

Cute and Curly!

Cornrow up to the middle center. Secure with rubberbands when you run out of room to cornrow. For the rest of the loose hair I two-strand-twisted her hair.

I did this because she has a couple of different curl sizes and shapes by doing a twist out, the curls would all come out looking the same.

Super Cute!

TIP! If you’re short on time, you can use a curling iron. If you don’t like to twist hair or don’t like how it looks, set her hair in rollers the night before.

Once the twists are dried, carefully take them out for a curly twist-out. Don’t use a comb or brush! Use bobby pins and you fingers to make the curls do what you want them to.

Spray with a light hair spray for shine and add a ribbon!

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