French Braid Hairstyles

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For those of you looking for French braid hairstyles, look for further!

I love protective styles and updo hairstyles so I decided to combine the two!

I’ve also gotten a lot of people requesting Halloween hair ideas and I think this would be super cute for a little princess!



For braiding the hair you’ll need:

Products used:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Great protective hairstyle for hair of any length

Step One:
The very first thing I did was part B’s hair in half, from one ear to the other and clip the back out of the way. I did a freestyle cornrow design in the front, tying the hair off with rubber bands when I ran out of room to make the braid stick to her head. You need the ends of the hair to be free to make the crown braid as thick as possible. After that, I moved on to the back section.

Step Two:
In the back section, I sectioned it a fourth at a time. I cornrowed the braids out from the middle, doing four braids per fourth section. The picture does a better job of showing what I did, so be sure to check that out on the left!

Step Three:
I continued cornrowing outwards from the center, taking my time and taking small, pie shaped sections. Keep in mind that you can make these cornrows as big or as small as you like. I picked the size that I did because I want this style to last a good long while.

Step Four:
In this picture you can see what the finished cornrows looked like. I ended up with sixteen braids, four in each one of the fourths. I hope that makes sense! Again, you can do more or less cornrows, just be mindful that you need to leave the ends loose for more volume!

I really hope you like this natural hair updo! 

We got A LOT of positive feedback on our Facebook page, so I’m super excited for you all to get to see the finished results. 

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Hopefully this tutorial has educated and inspired you!

Thank you all SOOO very much for all the love & support that you’ve so generously showed my little sister and I.

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