Flat Twists

Flat twists are a great alternative if you’re having a difficult time doing cornrows or French braids on your own hair.

Or if you are at that stage where the front of your hair doesn’t reach that high bun look you were going for!

I love using these twists because it’s a little bit different!

This type of twist was my go to transitioning hair style actually, and I highly recommend learning how to do it!


Simple style

Difficulty: Beginner

For this style, you will need:


This style is best done when your hair is damp.

Apply conditioner generously throughout your hair.

I happen to like Garnier Fructis conditioner because it smells awesome, but some people prefer natural conditioners.

Use the back end of the rat tail comb to make straight clean parts, or crazy, zig zag parts, whichever you prefer.

Put a little bit of moisturizer on the section you’re starting with.


Same style but with less twists and a center part.

Starting at the beginning of the row, separate a small section into two parts. Cross one strand over another, pick up hair as you work your way back.

When you get to the end, secure with a bobby pin and repeat until you’ve finished.

You can do several up to a braided mohawk. Or how about putting the back into two strand twists?

Or doing a twist out?

I’d LOVE to see anything you can think of or how this turned out for you!

Don’t forget to stop by my Braiding Gallery for more ideas!

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