Fish Bone Braid

Whether it’s a fish bone braid, a fish tail braid or even a Herringbone to you, this two strand braid has been a well-kept secret far too long.

I know it sounds easy, but I found it harder than any three or four strand braid I’ve ever done.



Difficult to begin with thick, kinky hair?

Very much so.

However, if your hair is stretched or straightened, this’ll be a piece of cake. Plus it looks awesome!

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Thank you Weng for allowing me to use her picture!

Because Bunny’s hair is so thick, I decided to do three fish tail braids instead of jut one fish bone braid and tucked them up in a cute little bun.

This is another option.


Despite what I said about them being difficult, fishtail braids are not that hard to finish. After you get used to holding the hair, it gets easier I promise.

You’ll Need:

  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Hair Brush
  • Two Ponytail Holders (one for the top of the braid and one for the bottom)

Start by detangling the hair with a wide tooth comb. It’s very important that the hair is smooth for this braid. Next, begin brushing the hair up into a ponytail.

TIP! High ponytails looking fancy and neat; low ponytails look casual and cuter for little kids.


Once secured, take a small piece of hair from the right side section and bring it over to the left side as pictured below.

Next, take a small piece from the left side and bring it over to the ride side. Continue by taking another small piece from the ride side and bringing it over to the left side.


By now your braid should start to look something like this (below picture). Keep using small amounts and be patient. It does take a while but the braid is worth it!

Sleep in the braid(s) then carefully remove the next day for a crinkled hair look!


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