Fall Hairstyles

I’m really excited to be doing a collection of fall hairstyles, because I’ve been getting many emails requesting them!

Better late than never, right?

Unless you live in California or Texas or somewhere like that, it probably gets a lot colder in the autumn and winter time, which means your hair needs extra moisture to keep from drying out.

I great way to lock moisture in is to pull your tresses up!

For those of you who might not like protective hairstyles, keep in mind that they help promote natural hair growth and there are easy ways to make an updo hairstyle look cute too!

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Pictured above is Ghana Plaits

Fall Hairstyles Gallery:

Ghana Braids Tutorial
The first of many fall hairstyles! As promised, another one of my African hair styles! For the record, I am neither African or even been to Africa, so this really was the best that I could do lol!

Rhianna Inspired Side Braid Tutorial
I’ve been getting lots of requests for rihanna hairstyles lately, which is awesome because I am a HUGE Rhianna fan!

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LilliaRose Tutorial

This page features girls hair styles using different hair clips. I will mostly be using Flexi-8 hair clips from a company called Lillarose.biz, but hair sticks or regular hair clips would work nicely as well.

Fishtail Braid Tutorial
Fishtail braid tutorial! This fish bone braid has many different names – also called a fishbone braid, a fish bone braid, or a herring braid.

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Side Twist Out Tutorial
Kids hair styles! I was looking through my hair style pictures this morning and found these of a twist out that I did several months ago during my faze of doing summer hairstyles.

Shailene Woodley Inspired Side Braid Tutorial
I remember watching Shailene Woodley betray a young girl in an American Girl movie called Felicia a long ago when I was a kid. Since then she’s gone on to do many more movies and shows but that’s where I remember seeing her in the most.

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Bun Mohawk Tutorial
Updo wedding hairstyles! I was recently contacted and asked to create a page that pulled together all the updo hairstyles from the site and have them featured on one page.

Medieval Inspired Tutorial
Medieval hairstyles! This is a requested hairstyle from Jen in the UK! So I spent a couple minutes surfing through Google images to see what exactly classified as medieval and I’m about sixty percent sure that this is what she meant!

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Quick & Easy Braided Headband Tutorial
For those of you who are looking for quick and easy hairstyles, this one is for you! First thing is first, I wanna send a shout out to Feathery.com for sending my little sister the hair feather.

Twist Out W/ Side Cornrows Tutorial
Little girl hairstyles! So, Bunny’s hair had been in iverson side cornrows with rope twists for about two weeks (which is a pretty long time for us), so it came as no surprise that she wanted a down hairstyle next.

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Half Cornrows & Box Braids Tutorial
Curly hair styles photos! In this post I’m going to talk about a couple different things. First, I will show you exactly how I accomplished my latest cornrow design but I also want to talk about my younger sister’s natural hair care routine.

Heart iVersion Cornrowed Ponytail
Valentine’s Day Cornrows designs! Hey guys! And thank you to those who’ve been sending in your Valentines cornrow styles! I love ‘em all! So, we finally took down Bunny’s Willow Smith inspired hairstyle, and I did braided Mohawk hairstyle. Enjoy!

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Be on the look out for many more fall hairstyles soon!

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Many more fall styles coming soon!

Why Wear Fall Hairstyles, Braids Or Twists?

Braids and twists can be worn for many reasons: to give your hair a rest from daily wear and tear, as a protective hair style or simply because you enjoy the beauty of the hairstyle.

You Don’t Need To Care For Braided Hair!

This statement is wrong. Although your hair is braided or twisted, there is still some care you must provide, such as washing and conditioning, which are always required to keep it healthy and strong.

How Should I Care For My Fall Hairstyles?

I strongly recommend washing your braids with a mild shampoo while wearing a stocking cap to preserve your style!

If you’d like to send in pictures of your cornrow styles to my site or show how my styles turned out for you, please comment. You can also suggest future hairstyles or just say “Hi” to all the other naturals!

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