Easy Do It Yourself Hairstyles

For those of you who are searching for some easy do it yourself hairstyles for natural curly hair, I am finally writing about the best one ever!

I know that curly updos and two strand twists and other natural hairstyles like that make the best productive styles, but I really hadn’t been doing any of them lately.

Actually, besides the occasional bun, I’ve been wearing braid outs, twist outs, and flat twist outs for weeks now.


All that said, let me go into a little more detail on the process of putting your hair into box braids!

Box braids on natural hair!!!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, blow-dried hair.

Hehe, couldn’t resist sharing a picture of my blow out XD

The whole process only took about three hours and – get this – I did in the car!

A little while ago the whole family and I packed up into our vans and went down to see my grandfather. I had plans of washing, conditioning, stretching, and styling my hair a few days prior of our departure.

Well, it didn’t go down like that.

I ran out of time and ended up washing/blow drying my hair the day that we had to leave. Not knowing what else to do on such short notice, I just threw my hair into a messy bun and left it at that.

Box braids on natural hair
Side view!!!

Well, we got on the road and I figured I’d do my hair when we got there. However, about two hours into the eight hour trip, I decided to stop jamming to my music and pass the time by doing my hair!

Less than three hours later I had a head full of shiny box braids. And, the best part, I arrived there with a beautiful hairstyle and discovered a new way to pass the time of long car rides! How cool is that?

Top View
And nope, I didn’t bother with any fancy parting.

I have no regrets of this style. I am hoping that it will last at least a month. I might take it out a little sooner than that because I’m preforming in the play The Royal Family soon and I’d rather wear big hair than braids.

Super quick re-cap:

I think that about wraps it up!

I’ll do some updates on how I plan on maintaining them, as well as how I wash them. Maybe more easy do it yourself hairstyles coming soon!

Thanks so much for reading!

Have you ever done box braids!? What products do you like to use and how do you make them last?

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