Easy Braid Hairstyles

As requested, more easy braid hairstyles!

I’ve done cornrow braids of all styles and I’ve discovered that incorporating both cornrow braids and two strand twists make a very interesting result.

Of course, if you don’t know how to do cornrows, you can also do simple flat twists instead!


Super easy, super simple!

For styling the hair you’ll need:

Products used:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Check out that bow! =D


ONE – This ‘do is fairly easy, so this will be brief and to the point! The first thing I did was part B’s hair in half, from ear-to-ear and clip the back out of the way. 

TWO - I then went ahead and did a very simple, half cornrow style. Feel free to make the cornrows as basic or as intricate as you desire. Be sure to tie the cornrows off with a rubberband when you run out of room to make it stick to the head, and then two strand twist it to the end. 

THREE – Once all of the cornrows were finished, I started twisting the rest of her hair, that back section that I had clipped out of the way ended up being all twisted. 

FOUR – After she was all braided and twisted, I put all of her twists and braids into a high, side ponytail. I split it in half and, using bobby pins, pinned the ends under to create a big ol’ Lady GaGa bow. 

FIVE – Finally, I sprayed it down with a little shine spray, added a flower, and that was it! 

I hope that you learned something from this tutorial!

I am inspiring to do more simple hair styles now because so many of you are newbies at braiding or first time mommies. We don’t wanna leave anyone out!

I wanna take a second to thank and welcome all of our subscribers, both new and old. Thanks folks!

Be blessed!

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