Dread Locks – The 411 On The Style

Wanna know the facts about dread locks?

The origin of dreadlocks is ancient. Dreads can be traced back farther than the Rastafarians of Jamaica and are believed to have been worn in Biblical times.

Ancient beliefs were developed in some areas that cutting the hair was unholy.

Dread Locks:

The actual name “dreadlocks” is thought to have come from either the belief that the individual sporting these locks looked dreadful or possibly that the ancient holy men who prominently wore dreadlocks were to be feared or dreaded.

Regardless of the history, dreadlocks have made their way into popular mainstream culture largely due to legendary reggae singer Bob Marley.

Though many people consider dreadlocks a natural style, defining an individual rather than conforming to a fashion statement, others consider the style to be a rebellious statement. Some people do, in fact, grow dreadlocks for political, cultural, or religious belief, but mostly it’s a matter of individual expression.

While some individuals who happen to have dreadlocks may have poor personal hygiene, dirtiness is a negative and false connotation associated with dreadlocks because people mistakenly think they’re grown from unwashed hair.

In reality, dreadlocks can be washed and many people who sport dreadlocks, sometimes just called “dreads” or “locks,” take great care to achieve the style. It is particularly important to pay attention to dreadlocks, especially to dry them thoroughly when washed. There are numerous hair care products sold for maintaining and caring for dreadlocks.

Many of those who choose to grow them painstakingly care for their “dreading” hair while establishing the dreadlocks and their hair can be just as clean as anyone else’s, even if it’s not combed. People with dread locks do not necessarily avoid shampoo, just detangling conditioners.

Growing dreadlocks takes time and begins with sectioning off the desired sections of hair and backcombing the roots. A hairstylist who specializes in the care of dreadlocks might recommend different approaches such as twisting and waxing, but everyone has their own individual approach to growing them.

The removal of dreadlocks, especially long-established ones, is achieved by cutting them completely away from the head. Some people elect to have their head shaved and others simply have the dreadlocks cut out an inch or so away from the scalp.

Other famous people besides Bob Marley who wear or have worn dreadlocks include Lenny Kravitz, George Smith, the Australian rugby player who cut his and auctioned them for charity, and Chris Kilmore of the alternative rock band Incubus.

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