Down Hairstyle

This is the down hairstyle (that she insisted on wearing up this week) was made with two strand twists, box braids, and cornrow designs.

I let her swim with the back completely loose, which I’d never done before and she loved it.

She kept going under, then surfacing with a dramatic hair flip.

The detangling wasn’t fun but it was worth it to her and I will probably let her do it again simply because she loved it so much.


You’ll Need:
Wide tooth comb, rat tail comb, rubber bands, and moisturizer.

Begin by parting the hair from one ear to the other and clipping the back section out of the way for now. Then make another part, from the hair line back towards the back section.

Look at the picture above and notice how I left a small piece of hair out in the front and back before I did the first cornrow, tying off with a rubber band once I ran out of room to cornrow.


Now take the small sections and braid each one. I did braids, but you could do any type of two or three strand twists if you prefer.


Lastly take the two sections and cross them, braiding them into the next cornrow. See the red arrows? Make sure you leave out two more pieces for the next braid.

Keep doing this until you get all the way to the other side. Be mindful that the smaller the braids are, the harder they are to take out.


Once you’re finished it should look like this. A bit fancier than regular braids straight back. With the back half I did two strand twists for three days, then the most beautiful twist out that was utterly destroyed when she went swimming but that’s okay.

And finally, two different stretching hairstyles. The first one was one that she wore as a hairstyle, the other one she wore to bed. I usually stretch twists after she gets them wet so they don’t unravel as they dry.


Styled twists and our younger brother


Stretching twists and our younger brother yet again

Do you ever let your daughter’s/nieces swim with their hair loose? Why or why not? And lastly, will you be doing this down hairstyle?

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