Cute Ponytail

Check out this cute ponytail updo!

For best results, do this hairdo on straightened hair, damp or stretched hair.

Not soaking wet!

The best part?

That you can do this hairstyle on almost any age!

Photo courtesy of Latrina Ollie

I think this makes one of the cutest hair styles for little natural girls ever!

You can always do a ponytail, twist out, braid out, or bun in the back!

Also, try using bright rubber bands for a pop of color!

You’ll Need:

To begin, part hair from ear to ear and secure the back secure in a loose bun for now. If hair isn’t already detangled, do that now. Remember that the hair should be dripping with conditioner before you begin to detangle!

Get creative right here by doing a flat twist or a cornrow style. You can add in a braided heart or dollar sign or another cornrow design. Or do X cornrows or zig zag braids. This is the part where your rat tail comb will really come in handy!

Once you’ve finished a cornrow, tie off with a rubber band and clip to the side. When you’ve finished flat twisting, pull everything up into a high ponytail or curly ponytail.

This hairstyle will last longest if you remember to moisturize your hair before you cover it EVERY night. Yes, that includes the holidays!

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Keep enjoying and stay beautiful!

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