Cute Hairstyle

This cute hairstyle is made up of cornrows, ribbons and an adorable bow using your real hair!

This took about twenty minutes to do and I did it on freshly washed and conditioned, stretched hair.

It has a “Lady GaGa Hair Bow”, which my little sister loved.

This hair style was super easy to do and we got about four days out of it before it got super fuzzy.

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TIP! Feel free to change up the hairstyle so it suits the individual’s hair and personality. You could do two-strand-twists in the back or pull it all up into a bun, whatever works for you.

For this Hairstyle You’ll Need:

Start by parting the hair from one ear to the other and sectioning the back half up and out of the way. I did three cornrows on each side with a two inch section left in the middle, but remember this is optional.

Next, brush the un-braided part of hair in the front towards the girls face until it pulls that way. Spray with hairspray and lightly pull it back and pin it to form a small “hill.”

This is one way to do a bump ponytail but tends to only work for thick hair types.

Once bobby pinned, brush what’s left of the front section into a tight ponytail.

This is the part where you make the bow from hair. Split the hair into two sections, one on the left side and one on the right. Both sections need to be bent back over themselves, using another rubber band to hold them down.

I think the picture explains it better…

I added ribbons in but you don’t have to. Or instead of doing cornrows, you could try small French braids or four strand braids.

I wanna know what a twistout would look like!

Try this and send in pictures!

Thank you so much for reading =).

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