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Cute hair styles anyone?

After I took down my little sister’s latest pompadour hairstyle, I started looking around for cornrow hairstyles that would work for an active ten year old.

Long story made short, I found this awesome cute hairstyle done by Mo Plaits!

It has cornrows designs, box braids, and, gasp, beads!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

Products used:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

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I need to point out that this is a copy-cat hair style, and I did not think this up on my own!

More about the style designer in a sec!

The very first thing that I did was part B’s hair in half from one ear to the other, then clipped the back section out of the way.

The back section is where the box braids go while the front section is for the pretty half cornrows design!

TIP! To save time, you can do two strand twists in the back or even rope twists, whatever you’re most comfortable with!

Pictured above is the first seven cornrows.

After I did that ear to ear part, I split the half into three different parts, two parts start right above her eye brows and going straight back towards that center part.

Look at the picture above and hopefully you’ll get it! It’s a lot simpler than it looks, I promise!

After those first seven cornrows going towards her face, I did another seven cornrows going away from her face directly behind those.

The cornrows going towards her face were cornrowed to one side for her bangs and the cornrows going away from her face were cornrowed in the opposite direction.

Look below!

FINALLY it was time for the easier, but more time-consuming part, which was the box braids!

Because it was getting late, I decided on doing thick, chunky cornrows instead of small ones. I ended up with about twenty or so box braids.

B likes it when I add some type of box braid design to her styles because they can be curled or pony tailed or bunned or something, lots of different options!

Lastly, I added some beads to the front and ta-da!

All finished!!! =D

More Pictures of the Finished Style:

natural-hair-care-info.comAbout Mo Plaits

Mo Plaits is a fairly new Facebook Page! I love the styles over there and am constantly amazed at all the cute hair styles that I see!

Thank you so much for the inspiration to create this hair style for my little sister!

Please do check out their Facebook page and follow it!!!!

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