Curly Short Hair Styles

Curly short hair styles anyone?

I did this cornrow hairstyle on my older sister.

She wanted something that held up all her hair up for several days so she could easily go from school to the barn to wherever else she goes.

For this ‘do you will have to know how to cornrow and that’s it!

I did a free style cornrow design – alternating between small and large cornrows – but feel free to do an actual design if you’d like!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Psst! You may have noticed already, but this hair style is actually kind of sort of copied from this hairstyle from a few months back.

Alright so this hair ‘do only took about an hour (which is why the parts are bit on the scary part lol sorry about that) because I was we were in a hurry and I was a bit tired, but anyway, moving right along!

To begin, I parted my sisters hair down the middle of her head, with one side much larger than the other.

PLEASE tell me that makes sense!)

So I had about 2/3 of her hair in the right section and 1/3 in the other section.

The white stuff is a new moisturizer I’m reviewing. Full page on that coming!

And then I start cornrowing her hair, going inwards towards the “middle” part.


I sort of alternated between short and long cornrows, in some places more than others.

Basically I free styled, but like I said a little bit earlier, feel free to do a cornrow design if you’d like!

As you can from above, I worked my way back one cornrow at a time.

And I did not braid the hair all the way to the end because I knew I was doing to Dutch Braid the loose hair and wanted it to look a little bigger, defined, and fuller.

Thanks so much reading!

Feel free to comment or jump to another page for more curly short hair styles, long hair styles, down ‘do’s and more!

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