Curly Hair Updos – Requested Hairstyle

A personal best in the curly hair updos category, I did this twist hairstyle after I got a request for a hair style that pulled all your hair up and that could be worn by someone in the military.

By no means do I know the requirements for the military so I am only fifty percent sure that this hairstyle will work, but I really hope it does!

The Letter I Got…

Hi! I’m currently transitioning and I’ve cut about four inches so far. The obstacle I have is that I’m in the military and try to find styles that will keep me within regulation (not touching the collar). I’ve been wearing cornrows in the front and just recently I added single braids to the back and I’m out of ideas for what to do.

Can you think of anything that will work with being in uniform and having to wear headgear every day? I tried to do two strand twists, but it didn’t look right because the relaxed ends were poking out. Thanks for any assistance and have a great day! Thanks for all of the good information on your site as well.


For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

I started by doing four flat twists on either side of her head, but cornrows would look just as good. I picked flat twists over cornrows because I thought they’d be easier to do than cornrows.

Eight flat twists all together, and then I did regular two strand twists with the rest of her hair.

Starting at the top of her head, I took a couple twists and tied them together. I did NOT knot them. Think about how you tie a shoelace. Take a few two strand twists and wrap them around a few other ones, pulling them tight. There a lot of different ways that you could remix this hairstyle, so don’t feel limited to how I did it.

I really hope this hairstyle works for you Mrs. Quicia! Thanks so much for reaching out and for doing what you do!

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Twisted Updo

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