Curly Hair Looks – Freshen it up!

For all the ways my curly hair looks, I love the way my Flexi Clips makes it look.

These hair clips are from the company LillaRose and they are pretty amazing!

Check out the full review below!

Product Description:
The Flexi Hair Clip comes in six sizes to accommodate different hair types and styles. Depending on the amount and type of hair, you might use a small for a Ponytail, but a large for a French Twist. Below are resources to help you determine what size(s) of Flexi you need, and also how to do 8 common hair styles to keep things fresh.

What It Is:
A beautiful, more flexible and dependable alternate to a regular, plastic hair clip

Who It’s For:
Any female wanting to do stunning ponytails, half twists, up & do’s, drop buns, tails up, French twists, half up’s, and more!

How To Use It:
This video will explain what size(s) to get and how to use them!

This product comes in many, many different sizes, designs, and colors. Check out the picture below to show what just a few of them look like!

flexi clips

Roughly between ten and twenty-five dollars, depending on the size and design you buy.


Our Review:

I really do love this product. I was quite surprised to discover just how flexible the hair clip was and how versatile it was as well. As a natural hair owner, more often than not I just have my hair in box braids or twists and the fact that this hair clip allows to dress up even the most boring of ‘do’s is great!

Shipping was great, the service was great, and the product performed better than the company let on. My curly hair looks amazing! Overall I highly recommend this product and want thank LillaRose so much for allowing me to do this review on their marvelous hair clips. Please check out their whole line of products here: LillaRose

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