Crown Braid

A neat Crown Braid is great for weddings or a piano recital.

A fancy crown with or without accents can even add that finishing touch to any style!

It is also a great protective and child hairstyle.

You can even add ribbons for a special touch!

Difficulty: Beginner

To do this braid, you’ll need:

For this hairstyle, you must know how to either French braid or Dutch braid (a larger form of cornrow) or try using four strands!

Use water, hair moisturizer, or hair spray to smooth back in flyway hairs.

Starting from the nape of the neck, start braiding towards the front of the head. TIP! Braid farther out around the head for a larger crown, or closer in for a smaller crown. I left out small piece of hair two inches or so, but you don’t have to.

This is what it looks like halfway done

Continue to braid around the head, remembering to leave out a few pieces for small accents braids.

Keep the braid tight by taking in small amounts, especially closer to the back of the head. When you get to the end of the braid, secure with rubber band.

This is the finished braid with loose accents.

To finish the crown, take the loose end and bobby pin it up, making sure to keep the circle of the crown. Braid the accents and took in with bobby pins.

Add flowers or ribbons in desired. Spray with a light hair spray.

And you’re done! You’ve completed a cute, easy protective hair style for those days when you want your hair UP!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

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