Half Cornrows For Women

Cornrows for women anyone?

I’ve done quite a few children’s hairstyles and even two men hairstyles, so now it’s time to do a some cornrows for females.

So today I did a half cornrow hairstyle on one of my older sister named Elizabeth.

Check it out and tell me what you think!


You’ll Need: Wide Tooth Comb, Rat Tail Comb, Hair Moisturizer, Hair Clips, Rubber Bands, Ponytail Holder


Take note of how I parted the hair

I did this natural hair style on my older sister who wanted a hair do that was a little different. I love it because it looks like a maze!

I started by parting her hair in half, from one ear to the other one and clipping the back section out of the way for now.

If you look at the above picture, you can see how I did two small cornrows, making sure to keep them rounded for the first row.


Keep building up the cornrows…


…And building…

The whole point is so to make sure the hairstyle looks unique and fun.

The whole style took about an hour, maybe a little less, and there were twelve cornrows in all.

I used rubber bands when I ran out of room to cornrow, but for a more protective hairstyle, just braid them to the end.


All Finished!

We LOVE all the African American braiding hair styles over here at my house!

They’re all so different and can be a great way to express yourself.

I always tell people that braiding hair is an art and each time I do a style, I further develop my artist =).

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