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Cornrows styles are one of the most popular hairstyles for African-Americans.

Particularly for younger kids, who may have a reputation of ruining their hair while playing in water or when it’s hot outside.

Here I will show case some beautiful cornrow hairstyles, as well as include links to jump to many different pages around the website!

Tutorial on how to do Cornrows


Examples of Cornrow Styles:

Photo courtesy of BambooBlog

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First, the hair should be clean, smooth, and well moisturized to create the desired look of cornrow braids. For Caucasian hair, dampen with water. For thicker textures, dampen with water and moisturize (no greases!) to smooth down the edges.

Next, gently comb your hair to remove any tangles. If required, use conditioner to make the hair smooth and manageable.

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Once you’ve selected one of the thousands of cornrow styles, such as the one pictured to the left, part the hair accordingly and clip the rest of the hair out of the way. Separate a section of hair where you want to start the braid. Divide the section into three parts or strands.

To begin with, take the right strand of hair and cross it under the middle strand, so that the middle strand comes to the right side.

Now, it is the turn of the left strand to be crossed under the middle strand.

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Then pick a section of hair from the right side and add it to the right strand, after which cross the right strand under the middle or center strand.

Move both the right and the center strand to the right hand, and take a new section of hair from the left side. Add this section to the left strand of hair and then cross the left strand under the middle strand. Now, repeat the procedure for the right strand and then for the left strand and so on, until you get the desired length.

If hair is thick enough, it won’t unravel; otherwise, tie the end with a rubber band.

Photo courtesy of BambooBlog

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