Cornrow Hair Designs for Women

A couple people have been requesting more cornrow hair designs & short hairstyles for black women, and why wondering why I’ve suddenly stopped posting as much lately.

Well, that’s because Bunny’s hair has been in box braids for weeks now! School finals are right around the corner so I’ve been working hard in school as well!

Anyway, here is a cornrows for women hair tutorial on how I styled my older sisters hair last week!

Updo wedding hairstyles anyone?

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

I LOVE the way this style turned out! One of my friends was looking at my sisters’ updo hairstyle and asked, “How did you get the puff so puffy?” LOL!

Alrighty, so keep in mind that I did not take great pictures this time 🙁 Sorry about that!

The style is actually a week old in these pictures!

Notice the way that I parted the hair!

So the first thing I did was part out a section in the front to form a ‘U’ shape where the ‘hump’ would go!

I decided to do a hump, but two strand twist bangs, or box braid bangs would be super fly as well!

After that, I parted her hair down the middle and clipped the left side out of the way.

I began braiding the cornrows in towards the middle part, the same way that I do my braided Mohawk hairstyles.

Repeat on the other side.

Keep in mind that I braided the cornrows all the way to the end, but leaving the ends loose or doing twists would result in a thicker Dutch Braid going up to the bangs.

Remember to use another product on top of your moisturizer for sleeker cornrows!

Lastly, I fixed the hump up front and that was it!

The style didn’t take that long and it’s aging quite nicely if I do say so myself!

Thank you very much for reading and leave some feedback below!

Stay beautiful!

Would you rock this natural hairstyle??!!

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