Cornrow Designs

Need ideas for one or several of your cornrow designs?

Look no farther!

These designs help add that little something to an otherwise boring hairstyle. These are my favorite part of cornrowing!

You can take any style and make it utterly fabulous by throwing in a couple swirly braids or basket weave design.

I can’t wait to share my true love with you all!

Cornrow Designs


All you need for this design is a rat-tail-comb, but feel free to add in beads or ponytail.

The parting is quite simple. In this picture, I made the design very large, but if I do it again, I’d make it smaller. More cornrows added in the left over hair pulled into two ponytails would look cute.

Click here for Cornrow Styles!

After you’ve done the dollar sign, add in other cornrows to make a one of a kind hairstyle! What about adding more than one dollar sign? Hmm….


This cornrow heart is absolutely adorable and adds to any hairstyle! She got so many compliments on this little ‘do that I had to remind her of the importance of remaining humble – lol!

Click here if you’d like to see how I made the heart the center piece of this hairstyle, or make the heart and cornrow the way you like it.


Cute Braided Updo!

I’d love to see any styles you thought of, or how these turned out for you! A lot of times you can become inspired by other peoples work, which is the hopes of this site!

To educate and inspire!


Braided Mohawk Design!

Need ideas for childrens Hairstyles? Click Me!

I started cornrowing hair when I was about fourteen years old and have been braiding for a total of three-ish years now.

I’ve seen people who braid MUCH BETTER than I have and have been braiding for less time than I have, so take it in stride and learn at your own pace.

The biggest thing about learning how to cornrow braids is that you have to be consistent. You need to practice regularly and you need to push yourself.

You can get a doll head and practice your cornrow designs/cornrow hairstyles on that if you’d like!!

Don’t forget to stop by my Braiding Gallery for more ideas!

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