Cornrow Braids

The thing I love about this cornrow braids is that it keeps most of the hair up, while still being kid friendly!

I used clear and white beads but that’s optional.

Hair snaps or barrettes would be really cute!

Remember, the smaller the cornrows are, the neater they look.

However, they do take longer to take out. So, make sure you put some thought into the braid sizes.

Now, on to the hairstyle!

cornrow braids

To do cornrow braids like this one, you’ll need:

Begin this cornrow style by parting the hair from the left side of the head to the ride side, slightly farther back than the halfway point. Clip all this hair up and out of the way.

Then, using a rat-tail comb, make a straight part about three-fourths of an inch thick and cornrow it so it hangs down your child’s back. In total, I was able to make six braids.


TIP! For a neater look, make smaller braids.

Now take your other section of hair and do a quick comb through to get out any knots that may have formed. I chose to have a bang in the front, but you don’t have to.

And now, about two inches from where your row of cornrows are and, in the mist of your child’s hair, make a small circle and braid this to the end. This way you have something to cornrow around.


Start cornrowing up to the braid, braiding around until you’ve completely circled it.

Here’s what it should look like after you’ve done three braids.


Once you’ve finished, pull all the braids together with a metal free ponytail holder and cover with a ribbon or glittery feathered ponytail or something else that she likes, maybe even one she’s picked out in the store!

Don’t forget to wrap up hair at night!

Need other ideas? Click here for my Braiding Gallery!

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