Comb Coils

Comb coils are one of the most versatile styles when it comes to natural hair styles.

These cute curls can be done on big chopped hair all the way up to hair halfway down your back!

The only drawback to these adorable curls is that they can take a long time to accomplish.

That and I haven’t known them to last as long as a twist out does.


Still wet coils

Start by thoroughly washing your hair with a mild, pH balanced shampoo and conditioning it from twenty minutes to half an hour. More conditioning is better, but some is better than none.

For this style you’ll need:

TIP! It’s always a good idea to wash your hair before you put it in a style you want to stay in for more than a few days. And you will need to wash your hair after this style because of the amount of product building that will accumulate.


Back view

Also, you need to make sure the hair is detangled because knots will show up.

You can part the hair or grab sections by random for a more natural look. Either way, take the section you’re working on, add a little gel to it, then start twisting it around and around, the same way you’d do Bantu Knots. The only difference is that you don’t wrap the hair around itself for a knot.


Gotta love that shrinkage!

TIP! You must, must get the roots of the hair to twist or the hair will never hold.

Once hair is all twisted up, you can leave them as is, or you can style them accordingly. Flat twists in the front or a braided headband would look super cute!

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