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I love braiding any hair type and length, but when it comes to childrens hairstyles, a world of creative possibility’s open! We have already talked about braids being a healthy solution for your hair when it comes to hair styling. Avoid damaging your hair, and consider these hair repair products that will help you maintain that healthy look.

When working with a child’s or virgin hair, it’s important to detangle before you start braiding.

But most importantly, make the experience positive for the child!

Like these Children’s Hairstyles right here please!

childrens hairstyles
Childrens Hairstyles


Dutch Braid Tutorial
The Dutch braid is an inverted French braid, given it more dimension than the French braid. This braid is the very same as a cornrow. I learned to Dutch braid long before I learned to French braid, so this is a good place to start.


Fishbone Braid Tutorial
The Fish bone braid, often called fish tail or herringbone braid, is a beautiful braid using only two strands of hair. While this braid is arguable the prettiest, it’s easily the most time consuming.


Rope Braid Tutorial
The Rope braid is the other common two strand braid, but much faster than the fish bone braid. Once finished, this braid looks just like a piece of rope, hence the name.


Four Strand Braid Tutorial
The hardest part about the Four strand braid is holding onto all the pieces, but once that’s mastered, it’s smooth sailing.


Braided Headband Tutorial
Braided Headband hairstyles are making a comeback! This style is great for giving your hairline a break or for growing out bangs.


Heart Cornrowed Bun Tutorial
Serving as a protective hairstyle, this Braided Bun keeps hair up! Perfect for active little girls. Remember that you can change the types of cornrows you do (i.e. criss crossing cornrows, X cornrows, etc) if desired.


Cornrow Braids Tutorial
Cornrow Braids do so much more than keep hair lying flat. They can be a protective hairstyle, helps keep hair detangled, and, of course, are absolutely beautiful!


Cornrows Designs Braid Tutorial
Cornrow Designs add that extra touch to hair, whether the rest of the hair is down or up. You can get lazy with the actual cornrows but go crazy on a design or two to save time.


Flat Twists Tutorial
Flat twists are my personal favorite hairstyle because they’re easier to do on my head than cornrows. Using only two strands instead of three, they seem to last a little longer as well.


Two Strand Twists Tutorial
Two Strand Twists are one of the most common hair styles in the black community. These twists can be done in three different ways; two strand, three strand, and sister twists. The easiest being the two strand.


Box Braids Tutorial
Box braids can be quite time consuming, especially for thick or/and long hair, but the results are quite beautiful.You can spice the style up by doing diamond or half circle parts. I did half circles in the back and then switched to a sort of broken tile pattern in the front, like you’d see in a garden or something.


Crown Braid Tutorial
Crown braids are so adorable on little girls. These unique braids can be done with rope braids, Dutch braids, or French braids! You can also spice them up with smaller braids, flowers or ribbons.


Kiddy Braided Updo Tutorial
First ever Kiddy Braided Updo is right here! This style pulls all the hair up and protects the ends, only leaving braided side bangs out. I then added bright, flower beads and she was all set!


Kiddy Curly Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Kiddy Kurly Frohawk! What, never heard of it? Using only rubberbands, a ribbon, and the hair on her head, I created a super cute braided mohawk/frohawk. I did a twist out in the back to define her curls without the use of heat. Definitely an all time favorite!


Cute Bow Hairstyle
Cute Bow Hairstyle! Inspired by Lady GaGa’s bow hairstyle, I did this cute ‘do on blow dried hair. I also added in side cornrows, ribbons, and a half bump ponytail in the front.

Like these Childrens Hairstyles right here please!


Come again soon for many more Childrens Hairstyles!!!

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