Casual Updo

This casual updo hairstyle is unique and protective and fast!

You can dress it up with ribbons or doing a different bun in the back or by using a fancier type of braided headband.

All the little kids in my little sister’s class couldn’t stop touching her hair lol! They all wanted to know how to get the head band out =)

causal updo

You’ll Need:


Starting with clean, detangled, stretched hair will guarantee the best results. Begin by parting the hair from one ear to the other for the braided headband.

This section should be between one and a half to two inches. Make the braided headband as fancy or simple as you’d like. I did one with a side part and accents coming from out of it as pictured above.


Once that is finished, place your headband right behind it, pulling the braid(s) over it.

If your headband is quite thick, use a couple of bobby pins to secure it from sliding back too far.


Now pull all the hair back into a smooth ponytail, including the ends of the braided headband.

You can leave it like this, do a messy bun, a ballet bun, or curl the ends. I chose a ballet bun with braid around it.

Now that you’re finished, go crazy with accessories or spray with a light sheen spray!

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