Caring For Natural Hair & Limiting Heat

Caring for natural hair means limiting heat whenever possible.

Did you know that there are several painless ways that you can “stretch” your hairs’ curl pattern out and leave your hair straighter than allowing it to air dry?

And yes, you never have to pick up a blow dryer or straightener?


Stretched hair

To remove a style you’ll need: Conditioner, rat tail comb, clips or ponytail holders.


The whole process begins by taking out the previous hairstyle. Which, in this case, was a braided Mohawk, rope twist hairstyle.

Bunny had gone swimming in it several times so her hair looked quite frizzy by the time I could sit her down and redo her hair.

Pictured above is how it looked.


I begin taking the hairstyle out in the back, adding conditioner onto each cornrow before I use the tail of a rat tail comb and begin to remove the braid.

I make sure that I am very gentle on her ends because they are several years older than her roots. Each time I took a couple of rows of cornrows out, I would twist it up into a Bantu knot.

By the end of the style she had four of them and looked like a Mohawk.


Bunny’s hair while stretching

Once all her braids are removed, we move onto washing and lastly stretching. I stretch her hair with ponytail holders positioned about an inch apart all the way down her hair.

I will not re-wet her hair. And will only remove the bands when her hair is perfectly dry and I’m ready to style it.

TIP! Never take down another style unless you have a plan of action and enough time to actually do the styling if you can help it.

I’ve heard that some people use ribbons to stretch hair but I’ve never tried that one. I try to stretch her hair before every style so it’s easier to detangle later on, unless I’m doing a twist out or wash and go.

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