Check Out These Braids Hairstyles!

Looking for braids hairstyles that can be completed in just a few minutes?

No one ALWAYS has time to do a two hour cornrow hairstyle, so I wrote this page with all of us in mind.

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“Thanks Natural Hair Care!
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Braids Hairstyles:

I am super excited to be sharing these super cute, super easy hair styles with you all!



The Dutch braid is an inverted French braid, given it more dimension than the French braid. This braid is the very same as a cornrow. I learned to Dutch braid long before I learned to French braid, so this is a good place to start.


The Fish bone braid, often called fish tail or herringbone braid, is a beautiful braid using only two strands of hair. While this braid is arguable the prettiest, it’s easily the most time consuming.


The Rope braid is the other common two strand braid, but much faster than the fish bone braid. Once finished, this braid looks just like a piece of rope, hence the name.


The hardest part about the Four strand braid is holding onto all the pieces, but once that’s mastered, it’s smooth sailing.


Braided Headband hairstyles are making a comeback! This style is great for giving your hairline a break or for growing out bangs.


Crown braids are so adorable on little girls. These unique braids can be done with rope braids, Dutch braids, or French braids! You can also spice them up with smaller braids, flowers or ribbons.


This Casual Updo hairstyle is unique and protective and fast! You can dress it up with ribbons or doing a different bun in the back or by using a fancier type of braided headband.


The Ballet Bun is a great choice for hair of all colors, textures, and lengths. It looks great as a finishing touch to your attire or as a way to keep bangs and hair up on younger kids.


Achieving the perfect Messy Bun is really quite easy. You don’t need any special skills or tool to get this look, either.

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