Braids For Men

I’ve done many female braided hairstyles, so how about some braids for men now?

Two of my younger brothers, Wesley on the left and Isaiah on the right, decided they wanted to grow their hair out so they could get cornrows.

Meaning I will be posting their styles as well!

Seeing as their hair is much shorter, I don’t always braid it because it takes a while.

Wish me luck as I take over this challenge!

The parts aren’t perfect yet but I’m working on it!

It’s been about three months, maybe a little less, since they’ve stopped cutting their hair.

They both have between one and one and a half inches of new growth so it’s still very hard to cornrow their hair until it gets a little longer.


The first couple of times I did their hair it looked absolutely terrible (which is why you never saw them lol), but I’ve gotten more experience with such short hair and they’ve gotten better at holding still.

They love the cornrow designs and not so much the straight back cornrows so that’s what I’ve been doing these last two or three weeks, even though they’re harder.


The hardest thing is keeping their hair moisturized because I have never seen a male moisturizer in the stores.

We use a lot of water but their hair is never as soft as mine or Bunny’s. And using a female moisturizer is out of the question because they tend to smell like fruit and flowers.

Here are a couple of tips for braiding very short African-American natural hair:

1. Have patience. I’ve been doing this every week for a couple of months now (plus three years of cornrow experience) but their heads never turn out perfectly. Let’s face it, they still move a lot (one of my brothers more than the other) and braiding an inch of hair is hard. But I’m getting better and I’m gonna keep at it until it’s perfect every time.

2. Distract. Regardless of age, keeping the person still is key for neat braids. The TV, a game console, the computer, ANYTHING that will make them hold still.

3. Take your time. Don’t only set aside an hour for a cornrow hairstyle. Even the most simple hairstyles take time if want them to look nice. Use your time wisely, but try not to rush.

4. Take breaks as needed. Get up and stretch, use the bathroom, or grab a quick drink or a snack every hour or so. Maybe more if you’re working with really little ones.

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Braids for men anyone? Here’s the question that I want answered in your opinion. I know quite a few people who DO NOT think it’s proper for males of any race to wear their hair in braids. What do you think?

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