Braided Ponytail

This braided ponytail hairstyle is super cute for little kids, and just plan awesome for older girls too.

The zig zag braids add a pinch of surprise while the beaded halo braid gives the hairstyle a younger look.

What I love about this ponytail hairstyle is that her ends aren’t covered with beads, her hair isn’t touching her shoulders, but it’s still super cute!

braided ponytail

You’ll Need:

Start with clean, detangled hair parted from one ear to the other.

Clip the back section out of the way to begin. Do another part down the head, but doing a side part this time.

braided ponytail

The beaded halo is optional, but make sure you do it before you start the rest of the cornrowing to insure everything else lines up neatly.

I added the flower beads with a needle and dark thread in the pattern that she had laid out.

braided ponytail

Taking your rat tail comb, part the hair accordingly and begin alternating between zig zag braids and straight cornrows on the opposite sides as picture above.

Take your time and get the parts as neat as you can.

braided ponytail

Braid the braids all the way to the ends instead of tying off with a rubber band when you run out of room to cornrow so there’s less strain on the hair.

Try to keep track of where you place rubber bands and ponytail holders so you can give those places a rest the next time you do a hairstyle.

braided ponytail

Once all the braids are completely, pull the back into a ponytail, ballet bun, or messy bun and you’re all finished!

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