Braided Mohawk – Tutorial and Video Guide on how to do them

Skill level: Advanced

Turning heads and receiving compliments from all, a braided Mohawk is a hairstyle only for the daring!

The key to mastering this style is using the most unique braids imaginable leading up to the curly/wavy/straight hair.

There are two basic ways to do this hairstyle: with extensions and without. Keep in mind that the longer the hair, the more extreme the style seems.

braided mohawk
For further instructions, click here!

You get bonus points if you use curly extensions or a color different than your own in the back!

Or do flat twists instead of cornrows!

It’s all up to you and feel free to be as creative as you want to!

braided mohawk
Natural Curly Braided Mohawk
For natural hair …part your hair in three sections, all parts going straight back. The thickness of the parts is up to you, but remember that the middle one is the one that makes up the actual Mohawk part of the hairstyle.

Click here for a curly frohawk and additional instructions!
Pin the middle section up. Start braiding your cornrows up towards the middle of your hair, secure with a rubber band when you run out of hair to add to the cornrow.

Wanna see more braid hairstyles? Click here!
Keep cornrowing and repeat on the other side for a look that is absolutely incredible! I made her hair curly by doing two-strand twists the night before, then taking them out the following morning, but this is opional.

braided mohawk
And One with Extensions Added!
For hair with extensions added …since you’re adding so much hair, part hair straight down the middle. Select the most difficult style that you can handle and start cornrowing the extensions up towards your part.

When you run out of hair which will allow your cornrows to stick to the head, tie with a rubber band and fluff the ends up.

Continue until finished and repeat on other side. Now, you’re ready to rock the streets and dominate the dance floor!

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