Braided Mohawk Tutorial

Braided Mohawk hairstyle for African American natural hair!

This is a free style cornrow hair designs with lots of juicy two strand twists!

I started to do fishbone cornrows, but B insisted on a Mohawk! Mohawk hairstyles are her absolute favorite!

We used a new product on her cornrows, more on that product later!

Braided Mohawk on Natural Hair

Products Used:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Another View

The very first thing I did was part B’s hair into three different sections, each one starting at her hair line and going back towards the nape of her neck.

The two sections on the sides were thicker than the one that ran down the middle. For this Mohawk style, I really wanted to feature cool cornrow designs. Other times I will make the middle section thicker if I wanna show off her hairs thickness.

This Was How Thick the Side Sections Were

And now for the fun part! The actual design!

I wanted a circle on each side where a cornrow would go down next to B’s ears so she could wear beads. The circles are different on each side.

Below is a close up of the circle on the right side. I think I like this one a little better.

Close up of Cornrow Design

After that was done, I began filling her hair in with random cornrows. See the shininess! I owe that to Darcys Botanicals Natural Coils Curling Jelly!

I made the cornrows go in towards that center strip. Once I ran out of room for cornrows to stick to her head, I tied the hair off with a rubber band dipped in peanut oil.

The oil helps prevent breakage from the rubber band rubbing against the hair.

Lastly, I two strand twisted the loose ends.

Back View

Once that was finished, I went ahead and started cornrowing on the other side.

TIP! You don’t have to make the sides the same! I never do because it’s much easier and more enjoyable to free style the whole time!

After the cornrows were all finished, I had a two inch strip of loose, detangled hair running down the back of B’s head that needed to be twisted.

I love the way this braided Mohawk turned out!

Different types of twists:

Remember that you can remove twists a few days later for an epic twist out if you’d like! That’s what we always do.

I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle!

Thanks for reading!

Stay beautiful!


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