Braided Headband

A braided headband is a great finishing touch to any natural hairstyle or outfit.

Taking the strain off your hairline, this braid is great on those protective hairstyle days to dress up any bun or ponytail.

Remember that you can be as creative and daring if you want to!


The back can be worn loose, in a ponytail, or a bun. I chose to do Bantu Knots in the back as a protective hairstyle, but you don’t have to.

Two strand twists, box braids, and updos all make cute choices.

TIP! Doing this hairstyle on natural hair is a good choice because it gives your hairline a rest from being pulled backward.


First part the hair accordingly…You make the part zig zagged or straight as shown below.

Then pick one of the following braids…



Add a more detailed braid if you’re feeling up to it!
Click me to see how I further styled this dutch braid headband!

TIP! If you feel any pain when you’re braiding the hair, especially when cornrowing, stop, wet the part and start over. Braiding hair too tightly will pull out your hairline. If you have to, frown when you’re doing the hair close to your hairline so when you relax your face you’ll have a little more wiggle room.

This style is great for those mornings when you need to get in and our of the bathroom and start your day in a hurry!

Also, this do is a wonderful choice for people wanting to grow their bangs out!

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