Pretty Braided Bun

For retaining length, protective styles are a must – and this cute braided bun does the job while being super kid friendly, too!


What you’ll need:

To begin this hairstyle, I parted her hair from one ear to the other one. Put the back section in a loose bun for now.

Now, taking the top section, I made a heart shape about two inches thick on the right side of her head as pictured below.

After that, I took a needle and thread and sewed the part hanging down it into a heart patten.


After that, start braiding the rest of the front section back towards your part. Rubber band the loose hair close to the scalp when you’ve reached it.

Do the same to bottom row. This picture shows what it looks like, halfway through doing the back section.


Once you’ve finished all the braids, take the loose hair and braid it up, I made three braids. Make a bun and finished off with a ponytail holder.

Moisturize your hair daily and cover at night for longer lasting braids!

Adding ribbons or bows is a better way to dress up hairstyle than beads or barrettes are because they don’t put strain on the hair like plastics and metal accessories can.

Are they cute? Yes. But braided hairstyles that are also protective hairstyles are very cute too when you take the time to get the parts neat and add little details.

Stop by my Braiding Gallery for more ideas!

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