Braid Styles for Men

The latest of my braid styles for men!

I keep getting requests for black mens hairstyles but I only have one brother with long hair so I can only do so many styles a month lol!

Heads up that these are not the best pictures!

Sorry about that!

I was in a hurry!

Anyway, enjoy these mens hairstyle pictures!

Cornrow Hair Designs for Men/Boys!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

A different angle!

This was a free style pattern so I can’t really go into detail of what I did. I parted at random, changing up between straight-ish cornrows, fishbone cornrows, and curly cornrows.

This actually started out as a fishbone cornrows type of hair style, but I chickened out after the first braid!

I’m not convinced that his hair is long enough for fishbone braid yet. I loved how his hair looked with half cornrow/half box braids in this style because it helped hide the fact that he has different curl patterns.

Top view!

The back couple of inches has an extremely tight, coarse curl pattern. It’s so dang tight back there that it starts locking up the second water touches it!

We’ve talked about putting his hair into dread locks a lot – but he loves his cornrow styles so I don’t see locks anytime in his future!

Detangling is very hard with his hair but required.

Back view!

I think that about wraps it up! Be on the lookout for more cornrows designs very shortly!

Thanks for reading & take care!

Braids on dudes? A lot of friends and family disagree with it but I love it! What about you? Are you feeling cornrows on guys? Let us know why/why not in the comment box below!!!

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