Braid Out & Twist Out

Doing a braid out is a great option if you’re bored of two strand twists or cornrows but don’t want to straighten your hair.

It also makes a pretty hairstyle for the workplace or special occasions!

Twist out curly frohawk hairstyle

A braid-out and a twist-out are the same thing. Doing a twist-out is where take out your twists; a braid-out where you take out your braids.

I prefer the first one because the curls last longer, but you can do a braid-out if you prefer. Here are instructions for both…

A braid out

You’ll Need:

Braid-Out = waves and ripples
Twist-Out = curls and springs

TIP! For longer lasting twists, re-twist every third day, sleep with your hair in a high ponytail, and let the twists stay in for more than a day or two.

Click here to learn to two-strand-twist hair.

For farther styling, try adding in cornrows designs or Bantu knots and only two-strand-twist the back.

Click here to see how did a curly frohawk twist-out.

TIP! If you want to lengthen your curls, try stretching your hair before you twist your hair.

Stretching hair is when you put ponytail holders down the length for the hair about an inch part while the hair is wet and only remove once the hair is dry. This keeps the hair from curling up without the use of heat.

You can also experiment with different types of twists for your twist-out, like flat twists.

Or try out different sizes!

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