Box Braid Tutorial

Our box braid, braided headband hair tutorial!

First off, these only took five hours!!!

Several months ago, I did micro braids in B’s hair they took FOREVER and the process scared me a little bit.

However, this time, I made her braids larger, somewhat neater, and the results are amazing!

We love how they turned out!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

Products used:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Awwwwwwww!!!!! Sibling love!

I decided to do this cute ‘do after rediscovering this post over at Baby Big Hair!

Check out her site if you haven’t already! Her blog is my first stop when I’m on the look out for some beautiful big hair!


I began by thoroughly shampooing B’s hair with Blended Cutie shampoo.

We’ve been using Blended Beauty hair products for a little while now and I really like them!

After washing, we DC’d with the BB conditioner, detangled with the DC still in, rinsed, added a generous amount of the Butter Me Up, and stretched hair over night using Ghana Plaits.

If you don’t know how to thread hair, check out our Ghana braid/Ghana plait hair tutorial right here!

This is what her hair looked like while stretching

I removed two Ghana braids at a time, added a decent amount of the Happy Nappy Styles for “hold”, then sealed the goodness in with coconut oil.

Next, I finger detangled, then began parting out and braiding her hair.

Below is more pics!

As you can see, I parted on a slight angle.

This makes parting a breeze!

Also, it made the process go by much faster because I wasn’t wasting precious time trying to get the parts to line up ever so perfectly.

Once the first little slant was done, I moved on to the next one.

Please, please, please try not to worry too much about parting. When it’s all said and done, most of them will be covered up anyway!

And here is a close up of the next row.

I love how these braids lay!

Take your time on each actual box braid, but don’t worry too much about the parting aspect of the style!

Finally, here is what this finished section looks like.

There was a total of twelve Ghana braids, and since I removed two at a time, I ended up with six different box braided sections in all.

Of course, because of how thick her hair is, you can’t tell it was once all sectioned up!

Here was what the back looked like. Excuse the harsh flash! And no, the style does not look that “scalpy” in real life =).

When I got to the front, I did something a little different.

I LOVED the way BBH’s two strand twisted headband was, so I stole the idea!

Check out the parting below!

With the last two sixths in the front, I did a very thin, simple braided headband to help protect her hairline and spice the ‘do up a bit.

I LOVE it!

And here is how it turned out!

I used a rat tail comb, a generous amount of Happy Nappy Styles, and coconut oil to create two cute, neat cornrows to frame her box braids.

Have you ever seen such a pretty box braid hairstyle??!!

More Pictures!!

Thank you so much for reading our very wordy, very picture heavy box braid tutorial!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and been inspired!

And, more importantly, I wanna send a shout out and thank you to Baby Big Hair for inspiring me!

Ever done mini braids before?? What was your experiences with them? And do you prefer them over mini twists??

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