Black Natural Hair Styles Rock!

Black natural hair styles vary from cornrows styles to braided undo’s to braided Mohawks; arguably the most versatile of any hair type.

For this hairstyle, I combined both rope twists and cornrows for a side cornrowed Dutch braided Mohawk kind of hairstyle.

Hopefully someone out there can re-use this style!

black natural hair styles

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

TIP! Click here to see how I detangle, wash, and stretch hair before each style.

black natural hair styles

Hair parted off to one side

Begin by parting the hair from the top to the bottom slightly off to the side and clipping one of the sections to the side.

Then, use your rat tail comb and start at the nape of the neck.

Part the hair as pictured above and start cornrowing the hair towards the part.

black natural hair styles

Cornrows side view

Continue to cornrow the hair as pictured (above) until finished.

Once I ran out of room to cornrow, I changed to rope twists because they’re easier to moisturize than braids are.

black natural hair styles

When the twists are done, I simply Dutch braided the hair and finished by spraying the braids with a light sheen spray.

Remember to moisturize nightly before wrapping hair for bed.

black natural hair styles

TIP! Try not to use any rubber bands or beads whenever you can to protect your hair and promote hair growth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re free to do any type of cornrow design that you want for both sides.

I did my design at random and this is how it turned out.

Try out different things and see what you get!

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