Black Male Hair Styles

Another one of my black male hair styles!

This one is made up of zig zag braids, straight braids, and an accidental heart even.

A lot of people were saying that the zig zag braids on the sides looked like hearts, too, which I didn’t notice until afterwards.

Sorry about the pictures! I forgot to take pictures from the jump so you’d get those razor-sharp parts while they lasted!

black male hair styles

WARNING! Fuzzy parts due to the fact the pictures were taken a week after I did the style. Sorry about that.

Since my brothers’ hair is still too short to stretch, what I’ve had him start doing is, after he’s washed his hair, he’ll put his doo rag on until his hair dries. This makes the hair lie down and it can’t curl back up. It makes braiding SOOOO much easier.


For braiding the hair you’ll need:

black male hair styles

To begin, I used a rat tail to get a straight-ish part down the middle of his head, then used bobby pins to clip the left side out of the way for now.

black male hair styles

I parted a part thick at the top, the getting smaller towards the bottom so I could pull the braid the braids around for the “heart”. And in case you were wondering, I didn’t plan for that to happen.

I thought it would make a neat design, not a heart, but I do like it anyway.

black male hair styles

After that, I did two straight cornrows going back, then a wide zig zag one.

It’s been very hard for me to get my straight cornrows neat, due to the fact that people have so much on the top of their head and then so little in the nape area.

Lastly, I repeated the same style on the other side and called it a night. Sorry again for the terrible pictures. I will try harder to remember to take pictures right away!

Hope you enjoyed anyway!

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