Black Long Hair Styles

Style Name: Black long hair styles.

So this is actually a braided mohawk hairstyle, only I didn’t do loose ends today.

She wanted to use her Sidewinders, which are sort of like hair beads.

Lots of purple for this hair do!

Hope you love it!

black long hair styles

Sorry, she was leaning out of the pic

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

TIP! I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair and I recommend this for best results. Click here to learn how I prepare hair for my cornrow hairstyles.

black long hair styles

Bunny wanted a braided Mohawk (it’s her favorite) for her Labor Day hairstyle and lots and lots of beads.

We recently received several sets of SideWinder Hair Holders and today was the first day we got to try them out.

black long hair styles

To begin, I parted a thin braided headband in the front to protect against breakage.

Due to handling, washing, conditioning, all the good stuff, hairlines can start to thin. The cornrow in the front keeps the hair from being pulled back.

black long hair styles

Once I’d finished that, I sectioned out an area for the zig zag braid. After that, I freestyled with criss cross and straight cornrows, repeating the same pattern on the other side.

Each night I’ll moisturize the ends of her hair and her hairline, then she’ll either sleep with a sleep cap or on her satin pillow case.

She’ll be playing in the pool and in the sprinklers on Labor Day so this style will not last long I’m sure. It looks cute for the time being though 🙂

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